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A Union Regiment Forged in the Petersburg Campaign
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Privacy and Security Policy

Information we receive

Because our sole activity is related to a single product – If I Have Got to Go and Fight, I Am Willing – the information we collect is limited. We interact with people in several ways. Some of these ways generate personal information that we receive, while others do not.

When you access our website, we do not receive your e-mail address.

When you access or comment on our blog, we do not receive your e-mail address.

When you purchase the e-book on our website, we do not request your address. We do request your credit card information for the purpose of payment.

When you purchase the e-book at a retail outlet and access the website to download the book, the only information we receive is the unique access number that you received at the time of purchase. That access number does not contain personal information, nor is it personally linked to the purchaser by us.

When you contact us for customer service, including refunds, or other inquiries by e-mail, regular mail or telephone, you may choose to provide us with personal information such as a mailing address or telephone number or credit card information.

While we may choose to publish updated versions of If I Have Got to Go and Fight, I Am Willing in the future, we will not request your address to notify you of such future editions. Future editions will be announced on this website. Future editions may also be announced in paid and/or earned media.

We may at some point compile various lists for marketing or other purposes. We will NOT use information received from our customers or from persons making inquiries on our blog for those purposes. Beyond that commitment, this policy does not apply to those activities.

How we use information

Credit card information is used solely for the purpose of paying for the book.

Information received through customer service or other inquiry will be used solely for the purpose of addressing that inquiry.

Security/Protection for Personal Information

First, we protect the security of our customers' personal information by not collecting information for which we have not identified a specific use. (See above)

Second, credit card information is processed through a reliable service provider, Authorized.net, and we comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Disclosure to Outside Parties

We do not sell, give or otherwise transfer to outside parties the personal information that we receive. If required by law, we will disclose information to the appropriate government authority.

Consent to Policy

By using our website or blog or by making a customer service request or other inquiry, you consent to this policy.

Effective Date of Policy and Possible Revisions

This Privacy and Security Policy is dated February 9, 2015. This policy may be changed, in which case the revised policy will be posted here.


Questions about this Privacy and Security Policy may be raised by contacting us at:

RTD Publications, LLC
7120 Canyon Drive
Park City, UT 84098

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